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rushingwind ([personal profile] rushingwind) wrote on August 12th, 2020 at 04:15 am
Semi-Friends Only
All my fanfiction is public, and there's a handy link to an organized list of all my works to the right, but all other posts are locked (and please do not archive my work elsewhere without my permission). As it stands now, my work appears on FFN, Symbiotica, here, and nowhere else.

Occasionally, in the past, I have cut friends on my list, so if I've cut you and you want to be added back, just drop me a line (It was nothing personal, I assure you. Sometimes I just trim down on the f-list a bit). Generally, I do not post anything but fannish stuff here, so if you're more interested in following the personal ramblings of Rushing Wind, the woman, send me a PM and we'll see what we can do. :)

Anyway, comment to be added!

You can catch me over on Livejournal right over here: [ profile] rushingwind
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