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rushingwind ([personal profile] rushingwind) wrote on October 3rd, 2013 at 10:49 pm
Vid: Kirk/Spock - What Hurts the Most
"" (Watch on YouTube)

HD is available, just check the settings. While this isn't blocked anywhere, per se, it isn't available on any mobile device, like a tablet or phone (sorry, it's beyond my control. Blame Youtube's Content ID system). In any event, here is a direct link in case the embedding acts wonky:

Also, I can provide a direct link to download the video if anyone wants it (I didn't spend a month working on this thing just to let Youtube prevent me from sharing it!). So, anyway...

Here is my first ever contribution to the Kirk/Spock fandom! Finally, I have emerged from the ranks of the perpetual lurker. Hopefully, this will not be the only time I add to this wonderful fandom (I have a plan in the works!).

Massive spoilers lie ahead, both in the video and in the following brief synopsis. Turn back now if that's an issue.

This vid is a little bit of angsty speculation--What if the ending to Star Trek Into Darkness had turned out quite differently (I.E., no superblood, or the superblood was discovered too late)? Poor Spock would be all alone, having realized many things far too late. (This actually started out as an idea for a fanfic, but it just turned out that it would be way too long and too much of an undertaking, so I made a vid instead. Who knows? Maybe I'll write it, one day. Star Trek fandom is alive and kicking!)

More of My Stuff Across the Internets: (Eventually it will mirror all my writing here.)

Disclaimer: Obviously, I do not own the film clips, the characters, or the music, nor am I making any money here. I'm just playing in the sandbox and having a little fun. This is simply a fanwork protected as "fair use" as defined in Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976.
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