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rushingwind ([personal profile] rushingwind) wrote on October 14th, 2013 at 07:05 am
John/Elizabeth - 25 Lives (Art/Picture Story) ~ for Sparktober
For Sparktober over on Livejournal!

This "25 Lives" poem has been floating around in a few fandoms lately, and it immediately made me think of John and Elizabeth. Credit goes to the original author of the poem and the originator of the 25 Lives story concept, [personal profile] tongari. I may write some ficlets to go along with this before Sparktober is over, if I have time. (This took a long time to put together. I am not a natural graphic artist, heh...)

Most caps are mine, pulled from my own DVDs. The few exceptions are from Gateworld.

Feel free to reblog on Tumblr, if you'd like! My original Tumblr post for this art is here! :)

Extra images produced while making this:

John and Elizabeth as Children:



Final Image (the city, the couple, and the stars):

Credits (for the "children" image):

-IQuitCountingStock at DeviantArt for stock image of young boy.
-MissyStock at DeviantArt for stock image of young girl.
-Auhyzalz-Stock at DeviantArt for stock image of sunset.
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