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Fic: Goddess in the Details

Title: Goddess in the Details
Author: [ profile] rushingwind
Character: Teyla
Rating: G
Archive: No. You may link here, but don't archive elsewhere.
Spoilers: None.
Synopsis: While others pull the strings of fate, she is the one who cradles the broken lives left behind. It is then a pity, he thinks, that most never see her at all.

AN: Written for [ profile] tielan.

She is the harmony to Atlantis' melody, earth to its sky, and the bridge between its past and future...

As he watches, he comes to believe that Teyla is the real reason they're all still sane. Faces come and go in Atlantis, some leave, some die, some move on in innumerable other ways, but she is still here after all these years.

It is a pity she is the most unrecognized of them all. Some never see her, arrogant men who meddle in the ways of war—but even they feel an enigmatic void when she is gone.

There are those whom all the others see--the puppet masters who move the oceans beneath them and shape the fate of worlds above. Many fight alongside her and take all the glory, while it is she who bears most of their pain. Yet she never falters, never complains, for she’d rather bear their pain as her own, if only so they may be spared their suffering of it.

She is the foundation beneath their feet, the soothing presence they all feel, whether the sons of men see her or not. While others pull the strings of fate, she is the one who cradles the broken lives left behind.

Teyla, whether she knows it or not, is the light of Atlantis.
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Thank you! Lovely lyricism.

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Glad you like it. :)

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I agree! Thanks for posting!

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Thank you! :) Teyla really doesn't get enough love.
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Oh, Teyla. This is beautiful.

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Thank you! :)