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New Ficlet: "Tourist Trap"

If you've never seen or been to a Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, or seen an advertisement for one (they're everywhere), the ending will not be nearly as funny. :)

Title: Tourist Trap
Author: [ profile] the_rushingwind
Rating: G
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: John/Teyla
Genre: Humor/Fluff
Archive: No. You may link here, but don't archive elsewhere.
Spoilers: None
Summary: It's a boring weekend on Earth for John Sheppard, so he decides to take Teyla to the number one American family destination: Orlando, Florida.

Teyla tipped her head curiously. "Why is this structure upside down?"

John flicked a piece of popcorn up in the air, valiantly attempting to catch it in his mouth--but failing. After wasting two more golden kernels, he turned his head towards her. "Well it's the 'Believe it or Not' museum. They specialize in weird."

Her lips curled into a smile. "I thought you were going to take me to Disneyworld?"

He choked on his popcorn. "Ah, well..." He laughed nervously. "See, there was a completely unforseeable issue that involved the Magic Kingdom being closed today..."

She knew full well that what he actually meant was 'I didn't check ahead and I'm sorry.' Her face lit up, especially when he gave her his trademark innocent look. "I'm sure it was unavoidable," she managed to say in a steady voice, though a chuckle threatened to break through.

"Hey, give me a break! I was in another galaxy." John gave her a look of mock injury, but then he paused for a few seconds. When he turned back to her, his face was tinged with slight embarrassment. "Um...sorry?"

She gave him a lopsided smile before turning back to the peculiar building with interest. Looking down at the Orlando tourist book that John had purchased for her, she silently read the header: Ripley's Believe it or Not! Be shocked, be amazed! Believe the unbelievable!

"To be honest, I am quite curious as to some of these exhibits."

He perked up immediately. "Really? Hey, there's lots of cool stuff in there, you know. There's a huge bridge made out of nothing but toothpicks, and--."

She held up a hand to stop him, her eyes still glued to the tourist guide. "John...?"


Her face twitched in horror. "What is an Aztec Shrunken Head?"


Like it? Hate it? Comment and let me know. :)

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*gigglesnort* Like it :D
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*hugs* I love it. (Even though I already told you that, it's worth saying again!)


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hee! I love it, so cute and so Shep/Teyla. Thanks for not ignoring your S/T muse! :)

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wowness! you're back and kicking! :D

and even thou I usually don't touch sheyla with a ten-foot pole, i gave this fic a go, cause it's you after all! :P

very cute! and I totally read it as friendship. reminds mw of me and my best friend, who's a male, and totally would do what john did to teyla on me! ;)

*huggles and loves*

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Bwah! Adorable! You rock at this pairing -- let that S/T muse out to play a bit more often, if you please. My favorite kind of S/T is the cute friendshippy, not-quite-relationship stories anyway, so you nailed it. Thanks for sharing!

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Hee! What cuteness. You should follow your John/Teyla muse more often. :)

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Went into this with a little trepidation, but noticed the rating and author, so gave it a go.

Totally friendshippy to me too. Those two are supposed to be friends, TPTB are finally remembering that, so fanfic should too.

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Being a Brit, I have no idea what the museum is, but I thought it was a very cute story - especially John trying to tell Teyla that Disneyworld was closed :)

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Dude, loved it!

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As someone who not only ships J/T, but works at Walt Disney World (and knows where the Ripley's is!):

Bravo :-)

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Shudders at the vision of the shrunken head, of which I have seen!

Very cute! Don't you love it when the muses give a knock...

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Made me giggle. Therefore, good first J/T (with hopefully more to come!).